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I'm Jennifer Lynn and I am the creator behind The Crowned Rabbit.

In 2017, I opened my shop and it has been an ever expanding adventure allowing me to design products that feed my passion for animals. From bunnies to foxes, hedgehogs to corgis, I've not only created a line of whimsical animal keepsakes and accessories, but I've connected with my customers' love for animals as well. Whether you just love adorable creatures, or you have a cute furry friend of your own, The Crowned Rabbit is a fun loving shop with adorable animal illustrations you never knew you needed.

What inspired me?

In 2014, my pet rabbit entered my life. So small, gentle, and bursting with curiosity, Hoppip (named after the Pokemon) became an integral part of my family and a huge inspiration towards my artwork. During my senior year of college, I painted a portrait of her for my “Year of the Rabbit” painting as a part of my Chinese Zodiac series. Even today, people say they can feel the love I put into her portrait.

Over the years, I began to collect as many bunny trinkets as I could find, but they never looked exactly like her. Hoppip’s cow-like pattern was very unique and hard to find, so I decided to design an enamel pin that looked just like her. It proved to be very popular, especially for people who owned rabbits with similar patterns. 

Every since, I have used the connection people have with their pets as inpiration for new designs.